YouthStudio Action-Research-Design Model

I put together a YouthStudio Action-Research-Design Model based upon Davydd Greenwood & Morten Levin’s (2007) work in their Introduction to Action Research: Social Research for Social Change.  Because the teens may come and go, dropping in and out of the YouthStudio project at the Moore Public Library, throughout this semester, I realized that we needed an action research and participatory design model that we could use regardless of the individual’s level of experience, interest, and expertise.

YouthStudio Design CycleYou can click on the .jpg above to see a larger version, which I’m looking forward to discussing with my SLIS students in class tomorrow night.  This model provides a starting point for a more rigorous theoretical and methodological approach to our work this semester.  I think we’ll be able to articulate a simpler, more concise approach in working with the teens.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share it here in case anyone outside of our class had any additional thoughts or feedback.

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